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If you’ve ever had the intention of leading amazing yoga retreats or wellness vacations, where like-minded individuals can discover a deeper understanding of themselves, as well as experience the world around them in a way that can only be achieved by travel? If so, then we’re happy you found us!

We understand the daily responsibilities of a yoga instructor or studio owner, and we know how busy you are.  The Escape Artist noticed the need to help with the laborious task of organizing complex retreats. What appears to be simple on the surface can quickly turn into a time consuming event with the possibility of a lot going wrong if you lack the experience and knowledge in planning international group travel. The Escape Artist comes to you well equipped with travel industry experts, marketing professionals and yoga instructors who have been on their fair share of retreats and know the difference between a “OK” experience to a ” life changing” experience.  We will provide suggestions to top destinations along with guidance on how to best market the trip, from cutting edge marketing campaigns to driving engagement throughout social media sites to hosting live informational webinars and Q&A sessions with your students about the retreat.

One of our guiding principles is this: “If we don’t know it, we don’t sell it”.  We have visited the destinations, we’ve stayed or inspected the resorts and hotels, participated in the tours and tasted the food.  We have done this to ensure the best possible experience that one could expect and provide you with the peace of mind in knowing that your clients are safe and well cared for. This is your trip; however it’s also your reputation, don’t leave your retreat to chance; leave it to The Escape Artist.

Let us plan and execute the most memorable retreat of your life!


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Also, we are constantly looking for certified yoga instructors who we can send to lead retreats and instruct classes that we have set up.

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The Escape Artist Adventure Travel

The Escape Artist Adventure Travel