Travel Videos

Travel Videos

The Escape Artist is a unique company unlike any other in the tourism space.  While all of our competitors sell travel, like us, few have the capability of producing destination travel videos to help inspire customers to make a travel decision. We felt that filming our destinations would further set us apart from the competition.

When forming The Escape Artist, we sought out the very best commercial video director on the market to partner with us. (Luckily, filmmakers love travel and checking off bucket lists like we do!) Having four filmmakers on staff gives us the ability to produce high-quality travel videos without having to pass along the high cost that is normally associated with a large-scale production company.

We bring with us all the latest cutting edge equipment that a large-scale production company would have. We pack a drone to capture amazing aerial photography and certified divers and underwater cameras to capture life in the water as well. Plus, we shoot in ultra high definition in everything we do! The goal for the videos is to inspire, captivate and entice travelers with unique imagery. We provide a small glimpse of what a destination has to offer, and let the consumer go from there.

All of the filmmakers are also United States citizens. We try to showcase the destination from an American point of view. We also don’t care to sway the viewer in an effort to sell them, but rather show them what we see. Our goal is to capture authenticity and beauty.  Our storylines don’t use scripts or actors. There are no second takes.  Everything we put on film is done in a manner that is non-intrusive, authentic and respectful of the local people and culture.  Although our videos are produced for the US market we want all to be able to enjoy therefore the videos are set to the one international language that everyone can understand, music.

Sustainable Tourism

One of our founding principles is to help increase and promote tourism in a way that is sustainable to local communities and protects the environment. We feel our videos inspire decision making when it comes to travel. If a viewer is moved to book a destination after watching our film, we are happy because the country on the film gets increased travelers. Whether they book with us or not, we did our job!

Reading about a destination or looking at pictures can inspire you to look further and maybe plan a trip. Watching a quality destination film makes the viewer feel like they are experiencing the location along with us. Authenticity of film can only be replicated by seeing something in real life.

Looking for high-quality tourism and travel video production?  Learn more at  Escape Artist Productions

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The Escape Artist Adventure Travel

The Escape Artist Adventure Travel