Travel Adventure FAQ's

Q: Do I need a passport before I travel?

A: Yes, any form of International Travel will require you to have a passport, whether you are traveling by land, sea or air. Also, please keep in mind that your passport will need to have an expiration date that is 6 months beyond the date you plan to head back to the states. Most people don’t know this, and it can leave you in a serious pickle.

Q: Should I buy travel insurance?

A: Travel insurance isn’t required, but it is often recommended, especially when planning a trip well in the future. Let’s just be up front…travel is an investment in yourself (as well as monetarily). Things happen out of our control. Anything from losing a job or a volcano eruption can alter your travel plans, and having insurance to secure your investment will give you better peace of mind. Check out for competitive quotes, or we can price it out for you.

Q: Is it safe to go there?

A: We get this question a lot. Usually our guests are excited to travel to a destination and start telling their friends and family. It’s inevitable that one person will be the worry-wart that tells you how unsafe it is. Fact is, we wouldn’t be in business if we were constantly feeding our customers to the wolves! We arrange private transportation and English speaking guides that won’t put you in harms way. You will be perfectly fine!

Q: Will you be our guides?

A: Sure, we would love to travel with you. It’s what we do! Simply cover all of our expenses (we will pay for our own beer) and you will have yourself the best travel guides imaginable! Ha!

In seriousness, we get this question a lot. We leave the guiding of tours to the professionals, and trust us; we’ve got only the best! While we won’t be with you, we will monitor your journey every day to insure that your trip is exceeding your expectations!

Q: How do I book a trip?

A: This is where it gets fun! We will arrange a phone call with you to do an interview, of sorts, so that we know the type of traveler you are and where you are looking to go. Learning about you is critical, as we customize everything based on your travel goals. So shoot us a call, let’s talk travel!

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