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Admittedly, Staci Sinay was not born with wanderlust in her veins. Oblivious to what travel, rather ‘untourism,’ had to offer, she was quite content with a week’s vacation here or there and it was on such a holiday to Costa Rica where she finally met her travel muse (and now husband), Zach.

Maybe it was the Pura Vida vibe, maybe Zach’s own wanderlust and chill approach to hitting the road were contagious. Either way, Staci was quickly bitten by the travel bug, too. She soon found herself on a spontaneous road trip down and back up the Baja Peninsula – Zach’s answer to her being laid off from her job – and several other trips ‘off the beaten path’ where they tried to immerse themselves in lesser known destinations.

So, when Zach returned home from work one evening and announced he had given six-month notice at his job so that they could go around the world, she was not at all surprised at herself when she casually agreed. The result, and Staci’s biggest travel accomplishment to date, was a 16-month, 5-continent, and 44-country backpacking world tour. Her natural way with words easily lent themselves to her documenting her travels via two extensive blogs.

Though parenthood has slowed them down a bit, Staci and Zach have continued their travels with their daughter, who obtained her own passport at 3-months old – her first ‘big’ trip was to attend Oktoberfest in Munich at 9-months. With another little one on the way, they still haven’t stopped and don’t have plans to, agreeing that the education their children will receive from these experiences abroad are invaluable.

Cliché as it may sound, Staci has been forever changed by her travel experiences. As time has passed, her philosophy has come to be that it is almost our duty to get out and experience other places and people stating, “As westerners, we are overloaded with information – oftentimes false information – through news and social media outlets. We have the ability to expose ourselves to the other side of the coin. Never before has the world been so accessible to so many and a priceless opportunity to be a part of a global culture is ours for the taking.”

Staci contributes to Escape Artist by sharing with us her experiences as a traveler and what it’s like to bring the kiddos along.

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