Patrick - Expert Videographer specializing in travel and Tourism Filming

Raised in England and entrenched in globe trotting at an early age film and travel have always been two great passions for Patrick. Evident in his moving brand documentaries for Red Wing Shoes and his broad range of work, Patrick’s unique ability to visualize a finished piece from its conception is fed by his love of various media. It allows him to see stories unfold in unique ways whether shooting ads for Purina, Costa Rica tourism or making music videos for some of the hottest emerging bands. The resulting picture can sometimes be unnervingly honest but always enthralling with rich imagery and a special beat all it’s own.

Truly a renaissance man when directing, he runs a tight ship with a small team of experts that he knows will reflect his vision every step of the way. This style of owning the set relates back to his stage experience. Upon returning to the states as a young man, Patrick connected to the thriving Minneapolis theater scene. Soon after, he began cutting film and quickly learned to shoot for an edit. His move into shooting, writing and directing happened naturally. Patrick has worked over the last several years specializing in travel and tourism filming. He seeks to capture the most honest and natural aspects of the cultures he has the great pleasure to be in.

With a wide breadth of experience with classic brand spots like Mega Millions, Radisson Hotels, Marvin Windows, Irish Setter and more, Patrick’s recent work has been in the emerging viral medium. He believes the digital landscape not only holds untapped potential for messaging, but is creatively unlimited just as the imagination should be.

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The Escape Artist Adventure Travel

The Escape Artist Adventure Travel