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As a traveler, you have many choices when considering your next vacation. There are a total of 196 countries, including ours, and while there’s no doubt a handful that you have zero interest in visiting, there are most likely bunches that excite you. If one of them is Costa Rica (hint: it should be), then we feel we should introduce you to one of the countries gems: welcome to Jaco!

Now, I am potentially going to save you some precious time here. If you aren’t into fun loaded into a relaxed surf culture, you should stop reading right now. The rest of this blog will do nothing for you, even with my witty charm and stunningly average looks!

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Yes, Jaco is a party and surf destination, but it’s also a lot more! First, it’s the closest beach to San Jose, where the majority of international flights arrive. In fact, it’s only about an hour and a half away (or a six-pack, depending on if you’re a driver or passenger!). Point is, it’s close.

Costa Rica beer cerveza

Oh, and one more thing… It’s pretty damn cheap! (I figured if you’re still reading, and you like to party, you’ll be okay with the word “damn”.)

Please know that Jaco is perfect for the kiddos too! All because it’s known as Costa Rica’s party area, you will see shorties of all age soaking in the fun!

Jaco has a few all-inclusive hotels and a handful of 4 star properties. However, if 5 star accommodations are your jam, go to Manuel Antonio. You aren’t finding hoighty-toighty here, though you can still enjoy a massage on the beach. What you will find are inexpensive surf lessons and even cheaper board rentals. What Jaco lacks in luxury resorts, it more than makes up for with amazing waves and killer sunsets, perfect for both amateur and seasoned surfers.

Don’t have a knack for surfing? There are still plenty of activities nearby! Try your hand at nearby white-water rafting, as well as zip lining, fishing charters, scuba and kayaking.

Jaco is calling your name and, make no mistake, you will leave a piece of your heart at this beachside paradise! ¡Pura Vida!

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