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The Escape Artist is a unique company unlike any in the tourism space.  In forming The Escape Artist we sought out the very best US based commercial producer on the market to partner with us. Having four filmmakers on staff gives us the ability to produce high quality videos without having to pass along the cost that is normally associated with a large-scale production company. We bring with us all the cutting edge equipment that a large-scale production company would have including a drone to capture amazing aerial photography and underwater cameras as well. The purpose for the videos is to captivate and entice the audience with a unique storyline about the destination that captures the beauty of the land, culture and most importantly, the people.

Filmed by professionals in the US market and intended for an American/Western audience, we produce our videos not in an effort to sell but rather to entice and inspire. We work closely with Boards of Tourism to build an itinerary that will enable us to capture all of the hottest points of interest, most important sites that the country offers and, again, put us in front of as much authentic culture possible. We do not use actors or scripts. We do not pitch specific products either. We set our videos to the one international language that every person in our world understands, which is music.

We believe that travel companies need more tools to put in front of their prospective clients. We are no longer in an age where sending a ten page travel brochure is an effective sales tool. You need more. We produce extremely high quality travel videos at a fraction of the cost of large scale production companies, and we deliver in dramatically less time.

Our goal is simple: Increase travel/tourism to the destinations that we work with.

Contact Us to Find Out More – 1-888-387-3977

The Escape Artist Productions Sample Video

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The Escape Artist Adventure Travel

The Escape Artist Adventure Travel