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For many people, a vacation is the largest single expense that they have in the calendar year. Some folks have to save up for months, or even years, before being able to finally plan and pay for their dream adventure travel trip or bucket list trip. Giving that much time and attention to what is ultimately an intangible purchase shouldn’t be taken lightly. With that in mind, we wanted to give you a little feedback on who we are and why we do what we do, and what The Escape Artist Difference truly is.

So Many Options

Travel is a 7 Trillion Dollar worldwide industry. Let that number soak in a bit. When you have an industry that size, there are certain to be many different options for you, the consumer. Some are niche and stick with one thing and do it great. Others go with the “Jack of all trades, master of none” philosophy. Some focus on only cruises and others on all-inclusive properties. I can go on an on!

Heck, you don’t even have to pick up the phone any longer and you can book an entire vacation in about 5 minutes!

And while the big online travel shops aren’t going out of business any time soon, do you think it is worth making your largest investment and never even speaking to a human during the process? Do you want to take the risk, plus all the time, doing all of your own research on a property or multiple properties?

If We Don’t Touch It, We Don’t Sell It

This is a big one here. Every destination that our company sells, we have been to. We have spent a ton of time and money inspecting properties and tours, and interviewing ground operators and guides. I challenge you to see if the average travel agent can say the same. (Hint: They can’t.) This is a very important thing for us, because we feel it is business critical to know the destination from a first hand standpoint. When you really think about it, it makes perfect sense, but believe me, we are rare in being able to confidently claim this!

How is your agent booking you a trip to Argentina when he/she has never been? By flipping through brochures and price sheets? There really isn’t anything authentic about that!

We Cater to the Traveler, Not the Tourist

Ok, so what does that mean? What we are trying to convey is that we feel travel is more than just going somewhere new, but rather experiencing the country as it was intended. Our focus is on experiential travel. Experiential travel, or cultural immersion is a form of travel in which the traveler focuses on truly experience and connect to the land, history, culture and people.

When you return from your trip, we want you to be enriched and revitalized! We want you to become a storyteller due to your travels, and frankly, we want your friends jealous of your journey!

We Personalize Everything

When we are approached by a customer about a trip, the fun really begins! We do a sort of interview with you so that we can find out exactly the type of traveler you are, what your goals are for the trip, different excursions that you may be interested in, etc. Heck, we even go so far as to find out what your drink of choice is! The reason we do this, and why it is so critical, is that we don’t want any stone unturned and we want to make the trip as enjoyable and smooth as possible.

We like to find out if you are into philanthropy, this was we can give you options to give back to the community you travel to. We want to know if you are a foodie, if you like heart-pumping adventure or if this trip is about relaxation. “Are you into architecture and ruins, or does it just bore you to death?” Maybe you are interested in a local cooking class or visiting local wineries. The purpose of this brief meeting is to get a firm understanding on what it will take to build you an itinerary that will leave you as excited about Day 2 as you are Day 5!

We Don’t Stop Caring

With The Escape Artist, our job isn’t over until you are back home from your travels. As we know your flight information, we are constantly monitoring flight arrival times here in the States and our operations team is doing the same in your arrival country. We require multiple courtesy checks throughout your vacation just to make sure that everything is exceeding your expectations. We get alerted if there are any issues whatsoever on your journey, from bad weather to ankle sprains, and we see that everything is taken care of for you!

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The Escape Artist Adventure Travel

The Escape Artist Adventure Travel