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Peru is by far the most visited destination in South America and rightly so, it has EVERYTHING that a traveler could possibly be looking to discover. Endless John Will Help Plan Your Next Travel Advenutre
adventures, lost Incan ruins, bottomless canyons, colossal mountains, the Amazon Jungle, deserts, forgotten beaches to the south, popular beaches to the north, modern cities, ancient cities, culture, history, wildlife, the Ballestas Islands, Lake Titicaca, the Nazca Lines, exotic foods, Shamans, fortresses, temples, Machu Picchu, the Amazon River and over 3000 festivals a year.  There’s only one thing left  to say…  if you had to choose one and only one place to visit, choosing Peru would definitely make you smarter than a 5th grader.

Lima, also known as “The City of Kings,” is far too often bypassed by travelers who land, clear customs and jump on a plane to another destination.  This is a big mistake as you are about to miss out on a great city that is alive with culture, history, art, museums, shopping, markets, gold and food that will intoxicate your palate.  If you want to explore Incan ruins without trekking for days, and be able to take a shower, sleep in a bed and go to a great restaurant for dinner, then here is your chance.   Lima is calling all you modern day urban archaeologists to check out the sites of Pachacamac and Huaca Pucllana.  These large sites are still being excavated today and are revealing artifacts that are incredible, carefully preserved due to the desert conditions.   You can find these and many other artifacts that will showcase the country’s past in some of South America’s top museums right in Lima. Visit the famous Larco Herrera museum to see some of the best pre-Columbian art, as well as the erotic pottery collection that might make you feel a little voyeuristic.  The Gold Museum is another not to be missed. Here you will find incredible works of art that are made of gold, silver and copper. When it’s time to absorb the atmosphere and people watch, head on over to Barranco, Lima’s bohemian district or the upscale and elite neighborhood of Miraflores. Both offer fabulous restaurants, a nightlife that always breaks the light of day, shopping, and amazing views of the Pacific Ocean. Now let’s eat!! Lima is a gastronomic fantasy and has been regarded as the “Mecca of Fusion.” Peru, with almost every climatic zone on the planet and a diverse topography, has allowed Peruvians to grow an amazing variety of fruits, vegetables, potatoes, corn, quinoa, spices, chiles… you get the point.  Fuse that with an array of seafood from the Pacific and the Amazon along with exotic game, and you have a jamboree on a plate.

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LearnTheDifference-buttonNext stop Cuzco, once the capital city of the Incan Empire and the oldest inhabited city in Latin America.  This absolutely breathtaking city sits at an elevation of more than 11,000 feet and is nestled nice and snug in a valley that is surrounded by mountains in all directions.  If you are looking for a colonial city that is just begging you to get lost in the maze of streets and alleys, then here is what you have been searching for. Cuzco is amazing and gets better around every corner.  Explore the many shops, galleries and eateries, step inside century-old cathedrals and be astonished by the grand architectural detail.  At night, enjoy dinner on a balcony overlooking Plaza de Armas, Cuzco’s main square which looks stunning as the plaza comes alive. Visit the ruins of Sacsayhuaman, the most important structure during the Incan Empire. Take notice of the size and how precisely these massive blocks of stone fit together.  If you happen to be in Cuzco on June 24, celebrate the winter solstice also known as the Inti Raymi Festival.  Witness thousands of Peruvians dress in traditional pageantry as they parade in the streets and give honor to the Sun Gods. Can’t make it? No worries. Remember, we mentioned there are 3000 festivals in Peru each year, that amounts to eight festivals a day that you can revel in!

Halfway between Cuzco and Machu Picchu you will discover the Sacred Valley.  Fertile farm lands, steep mountains and the life-giving waters of the Urubamba River carving deep gorges into the countryside, have created a picture perfect backdrop, an absolute must for a night, or two or three!  Explore the agricultural terraces of Moray, and the salt terraces of Maras in the morning, before shopping among the locals at the traditional market of Pisac where villagers buy and sell anything and everything. There are many ruins to be seen in the Sacred Valley, however the ruins of Ollantaytambo are worth the effort to climb the many sets of stairs to the top where you can see the majestic Mt. Veronica and the quaint village of Ollantaytambo below. If some adventure is what you need then the Sacred Valley is the right place.  Here you can whitewater raft down raging rivers, mountain bike on great single tracks, horseback ride between small villages, scale the side of a rock face and zipline to the bottom. There are also plenty of hiking trails and many of the multi-day treks through the Andes begin from points in the Sacred Valley.

Machu Picchu is perhaps the most beautiful and inspiring place you will ever visit in your lifetime.  For us to try to describe Machu Picchu in words is impossible as there are no words in any language that provide this place justice. We would rather leave that to you, however we can give you this to ponder.  The morning has finally arrived, the last leg of the journey and how and what pushed you here no longer matters.  You board the shuttle bus in the charming little town of Aguas Calientes, and after a fifteen minute ride up the mountain you  begin to take notice of your surroundings. Steep green mountains in every direction, maybe the sky is shrouded in mist, maybe the sky is brilliant blue, however the weather is this day is only going to make what you’re about to witness even more spectacular. The shuttle stops and off you go in the direction of the entrance.  Your anticipation builds as you are finally here, the first vantage point. You move closer to the edge and stop, a chill moves over your body, tiny hairs stand at attention, the pupils of your eyes begin to move into focus and you gasp for breath.  What you see and feel next is something you are going to have to experience for yourself.  Machu Picchu is one of the Seven Wonders of the World and is completely unfathomable in its allure and mystery.  Your time is now!

After Machu Picchu it’s hard to imagine that there would be any place still worth visiting but this is Peru, a country so rich in history, culture and beauty.  The next stop is Lake Titicaca, the world’s highest navigable lake and the largest in South America.  Visit the floating islands, and learn how the Uros have built islands out of reed grass, aquatic vegetation and mud.  These man-made islands are anchored into the lake bed so they don’t float away, and are self-contained communities that families have inhabited for decades. Learn how they cook, work, grow food, educate their children and maintain the constant upkeep of the islands by replacing the rotting vegetation with new materials.  There are also several natural islands on the lake that are worth visiting. Taquile, Isla del Sol, Isla del Luna and Amantani Island all offer unique glimpses into the traditional culture of life on the lake.  And just for fun, ask a local Peruvian who has the better side of the lake, Peru or Bolivia?

Heading back east you will discover the “white” city of Arequipa. This UNESCO World Heritage city has buildings that are constructed of Sillar, a white volcanic stone that provides an amazing contrast to the three large red volcanoes of El Misti, Chachani and Pikchu Pikchu that surround Arequipa.  Spend the day visiting the Santa Catalina Monastery, La Catedral, which dates back to 1656, the main plaza and the streets with their fascinating archways. A day trip or an overnight outside of Arequipa you can visit Colca Canyon, a canyon twice the size of the Grand Canyon! Besides the sheer size and the rugged landscape, Colca Canyon is best know for the condors. Be amazed as you watch the world’s largest flying bird soar high above the canyon as they ride the updraft.

Speaking of flying, no trip to Peru would be complete without a chance to see the mysterious Nazca Lines.  A series of ancient geoglyphs located in the desert of southern Peru has puzzled archaeologists and anthropologists since they were first discovered.  From the ground the lines do not appear to be much more than just lines, however from the sky hundreds of lines or geometric shapes, along with more than 70 shapes of animals become visible. Some of the most popular images are the monkey, spider, hummingbird, the astronaut and what many believe to be a runway. Not sure what to think about that? Well seeing is believing, decide for yourself.

Want a little jungle action?  Peru has no shortage of jungles, in fact the majority of Peru is jungle.  There are two main sections of jungle for you to explore. The first is the northern section of Peru near the town of Iquitos, or better known as the gateway of the Amazon River.  Here you will find great opportunities to cruise through the jungle on small and mid-size ships. There are ships for every level of traveler; you have the Kate Winslet first class all the way to Leonardo, bring your own hammock, and everything else in between. The second area is southern Peru. This is also considered the Amazon Jungle, but here you will find more land-based excursions.  Either section is a great launching point to explore the greatest jungle on Earth.

Peru is a land that is colorful, unique and spectacular. Don’t put it off any longer, let us help plan your Peru vacation package today!

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Quick Facts

  • Population: 30,147,935 (July 2015 est.)
  • Language Spoken: Spanish (official), Quechua (official)
  • Land Area (Size): 496,224 sq miles
  • Coastline: 1,500 miles
  • Highest point: Nevado Huascaran 22,205 feet
  • Lowest point: Pacific Ocean
  • Currency: Nuevo sol (PEN)

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