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John Will Help Plan Your Next Travel AdvenutreMorocco is in a unique and exotic class of its own, a blend of Africa, Middle East and Europe that is one of the world’s most enchanting and alluring destinations. Sleep under a blanket of stars in the sand dunes of the Sahara Desert. Trek through the high Atlas Mountains and stay with a traditional Berber family. Shop in a medina that feels so alive that it has a pulse. Snow ski in the morning and surf in the afternoon. Try new spices and foods that will have your taste buds saying “where have you been all my life?!” Get ready, Morocco is going to grab hold of you and have you begging for more!

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Discover cosmopolitan cities such as Casablanca, a city that many already feel a tie to because of the movie starring Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman. Planning an evening to Rick’s Cafe is a must. Casablanca is far more than just gin and pianos, check out the Hassan II Mosque, the sheer size and fine details will leave you more than impressed. Visit the old and new medinas in Casablanca to get a feel for Morocco’s authentic past and today’s modernization with sophisticated museums, art galleries, trendy cafes and an energetic nightlife.

Head north to the port city of Tangier that lies only 8 miles from the coast of Spain and makes for a great people watching experience. Find a table and watch as Europe meets North Africa, treat yourself to a mint tea and a tagine before exploring the streets and the famous Tangier Kasbah.

Move inland to possibly the most beautiful town in all of Morocco, Chefchaouen also know as the “blue city.” This charming little town that is colored blue is nestled in the heart of the Riff Mountains beneath two peaks known as Ech-Chaoua (the horns). Spend the day wandering through the small streets and alleys as you will find something interesting with every corner you turn.  Looking for some romance? Tonight, grab some traditional Moroccan cuisine in the town’s main square. Under the soft white lights and the blue backdrop, you will feel as if you’re on an episode of “The Bachelor.”

Next stop, the city of Fes.  This traditional hard working city has the best medina in all of Morocco.  Spend the day trying to get lost in the narrow streets that are barely wide enough for one person and the mule pulling the cart transporting goods.  Find one of the shops that overlooks the leather tannery, to watch as the leather is processed in the large pools of dyes. Plain leather is transformed into remarkable colors that are later made into some of the finest leather goods you will find.

No trip to Morocco would be complete without a trip to Marrakech. Explore one of Marrakech’s most recognizable sites, Koutoubia Mosque, built in a traditional Almohad style and topped with four copper globes, it is visible from near and far. Wandering around the medina will no doubt feel like an endless maze, the medina is all about commerce during the day and is transformed into pure entertainment and culture as soon as the sun sets. Street performers, storytellers, snake charmers and food stands have everything imaginable. Want to eat like a local? Then it’s time to sit back and contemplate your plan of attack on the boiled sheep’s head that sits on your table or the bucket of fresh snails, and by fresh we mean still alive. If you’re still feeling “local” the next day, we recommend a traditional Hammam (similar to a Turkish bath) but we have to warn you (in the spirit of being a traveler, not a tourist), if the Hammam you’re about to walk into has the word “spa” anywhere on the sign then it’s the wrong place. Grab a local and ask them to take you to a real traditional Hammam. The real deal will most likely not have a  sign at all… this will be the experience that you crave.

When it’s time to get out of the cities, Morocco has a lot to offer. There are small villages where you can unwind and relax, high mountains that offer some of the continent’s best trekking, skiing… yes skiing, in North Africa. Check that off the bucket list! Desert camps offer camel rides throughout the endless sand dunes; be ready to mentally prepare yourself for the most amazing star show you will ever see. Enjoy sleepy coastal towns great for fishing, surfing or just wasting time.   Morocco is one of those eye opening places that seems to astonish everyone, so don’t be surprised if one day you’re thumbing through your passport and notice there are several stamps from Morocco!

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Quick Facts

  • Population: 33,322,699 (est July 2015)
  • Language Spoken: Arabic (official), Berber, French
  • Land Area (Size): 172414 sq miles
  • Coastline: 1,140 miles
  • Highest Point: Jebel Toubkal 13,664 feet
  • Lowest Point: Sebkha Tah   -180 feet
  • Currency: Moroccan Dirham

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  • A vast network of local contacts to offer our guest VIP access to events, shows, restaurants etc.
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