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John Will Help Plan Your Next Travel AdvenutreCulturally speaking, Mexico is one of the more beautiful of the Latin American countries, and one of the more vibrant and diverse as well. From the Pacific Coast and the brilliant blue waters of the Baja California, the marvelous desserts beaming with life in the North, historic Mayan villages of the Yucatan and the palm tree adorned beaches of the South, Mexico packs quite the punch for a traveler seeking adventure or solitude. In Mexico, you can just as easily climb a volcano or swim in a cenote (underground cave) or sway your day away in a hammock. And honestly, just about everything in between!

The Mexican people, all 115 million of them, reflect the countries diversity as well. There are many indigenous areas throughout the country, yet Mexico also boasts a thriving economy, second only to Brazils in all of Latin America. If you were to drive the length of the country, not only will you witness a severe change in topography, but also in the appearance of its people, as many Mexicans are of pure Spanish or European descent. Also, regionally you will be amazed at the distinct identities of the people, where Northern Mexico boasts a cowboy and farming culture, while further South the Mesoamerican traditions begin, and stretch further in Latin America. Mexico is indeed a thrilling vacation destination, chock full of surprises for every traveler.


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While most Americans, even those that have never been, will tell you all about The Grand Canyon, very few know that just to the South sits the larger and deeper Copper Canyon. Copper Canyon is actually a group of six canyons in the Sierra Madre Occidental in the southwestern part of the state of Chihuahua in northwestern Mexico. This area is rich in biodiversity, cultural history, and is the site of a growing tourist infrastructure, although by and far nothing like its brother in the States. There are many ways to take in Copper Canyon, from its historic railroad to rolling up your sleeves and trekking in. Each offer a unique perspective on this UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Mexico is dotted with all-inclusive properties, but to truly travel and experience the destination, you must escape the walls of your resort. On the Yucatán Peninsula sits many tourist traps, such as the party destination of Cancun. Yet getting out of your resort in this area can take you to the Chichen Itza. This sacred site was one of the greatest Mayan centres of the Yucatán peninsula, and is entirely worth the drive. To the South of Cancun sits Playa del Carmen, another beautiful coastal destination. Between them both, but out to sea, sits Cozumel. While Cozumel sits firmly on every scuba divers bucket list, it is equally as amazing for non-divers. In fact, taking a drive to the Eastern and non-populated side of the island is a must for any romance seeker. Often times, you can find a piece of beach all to yourself, as far as the eye can see! Also on the Yucatán, further South sits the ruins of Tulum. There aren’t many more breath-taking places on earth that will steal your heart like Tulum will. You will get a sweat walking the grounds, but no problem, just climb down and swim on the beach below, or drive to one of the nearby cenotes and cool off in a fresh water underground cave!

The Pacific coast offers plenty of diversity as well. Many know of Puerto Vallarta and its surrounding jungles. Snorkeling or diving PV’s protected waters is a must to include on your Mexico vacation package, but so is taking a boat further out for some of the finest deep sea fishing in the world! Not nearly as touristic sits Ixtapa-Zihautanejo. Zihautanejo could best be described as an old, sleepy fishing village that refused to fully grow up, and that is what we love most about it! If its winding streets of galleries, folk art shops and small boutique hotels doesn’t make you want to never leave, its pristine beaches sure will!

We love Mexico, and we offer so much more than what was listed above. Our travel experts are ready to book your dream vacation package to Mexico!

With all of the things mentioned, we almost forgot about the food! Mexico is a culinary dream come true, and you will love every last bite! Remember, the days last a little longer here in Mexico, and thats a great thing. So leave your watch at home and turn off your cell phone. Sip some tequila and enjoy a cold cerveza. Soak in the culture and breathe in the love and beauty of this cherished land. ¡Gracias, y Bienvenido!

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