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Being a traveler means getting out and experiencing the people and the culture, and we believe that a great way to do both is to enjoy a culinary experience in the native land you are traveling to. We aren’t talking about tacos and burritos here either! When many people think of Latin American food, they think tacos. The reality is, you will be hard pressed to find a traditional taco south of Mexico!

If you have a passion for food, cooking and of course, culture, we want you to immerse yourself in a culinary travel experience that you will remember forever. Discover the local spices and ingredients, taste new iconic flavors and prepare your own dishes for your dining pleasure. You may even enjoy a glass of wine or two, but that will be our little secret!

Whether it’s enjoying a tagine in Morocco, a steak served with a fork and butter knife in Argentina, or taking a cooking class in Peru, we will personalize a culinary experience of a lifetime!

Bon Appetit, I mean, Provecho!

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Our Tours Include:


  • Expert planning and suggestions that are designed to create the perfect experience that is personalized to meet your interests, goals and budget
  • 24/7 in country support and assistance to address and solve any issues that arise
  • Travel experts who have visited the destinations and have experienced it first hand






  • Trips that promote sustainable tourism which brings positive interactions with local communities and preservation of the natural environment
  • The best English speaking guides who are experts to the local destination
  • A vast network of local contacts to offer our guest VIP access to events, shows, restaurants etc.
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