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Hey traveler, so you fancy yourself a beer drinker, eh? Well, the good news is that Costa Rica will not leave you disappointed!

Imperial Beer Cerveza Costa Rica



Because I have managed to consume roughly 1,700 of these, I feel it’s best to start off a write up on Costa Rican beers with the country’s most popular brew – Imperial. Cerveza Imperial is a rather light lager, registering 4.6% alcohol and is widely available at bars, hotels and local markets. They have a Light version too, but unless you are running in a marathon later that day and actually like the taste of beer, just stick with the original!

Pilsen is next on the list. While it is made by the same brewer as Imperial (and you’d have a hard time telling the difference in a blind taste test), the difference sits in the alcohol content. At 5.1%, motoring 12 of this will leave you feeling a lot more carefree than putting down 12 of its sister beers.

Pilsen Beer Cerveza Costa Rica

So, the same brewer, Florida Bebidas, makes the third most popular beer in Costa Rica (Monopoly anyone?): Bavaria Gold (5.1%). Like its siblings, Bavaria comes with lighter and darker options as well as the standard. While I cautioned you earlier on staying away from the Light Imperial, the light version of Bavaria actually tastes like beer as opposed to skunky water!

Those are the staples. The beers listed above will literally be found everywhere you travel, from Jaco to Arenal and over to Limón on the Caribbean. But, you like craft beer…don’t you? Well, have no fear, micro brews are here!

As Costa Rica has grown into the touristic behemoth that it has, it has seen similar growth in the micro brewery department. In fact, there have literally been hundreds of different new beers launched in just the last couple years. Much like here in the states, some of them stick and some of them fade away.

Craft Brew Costa Rica

There isn’t enough blog space to type out each individual craft beer, but I can give you a highlight of one of my personal favorites. And, not kidding, I ordered it simply based on the brewers name while at Coconutz in Playas del Coco: Angry Goats Brewery.

(Seriously, that’s just a kick ass name…amirite?)

Craft Brew Costa Rica

Angry Goats was supposedly the first micro brewery ever from the Guanacaste region. Now, being first doesn’t always equal to being best, but these guys got their beer nailed! They have a great mix of porters, pale ales and IPA’s. Hopefully you are lucky enough to get a Double Coconutz IPA (7.5%), as it is a rotational beer and not always available. I will tell you this…you are going to want to enjoy this as a nightcap. This is a marathon, not a sprint!

As mentioned, there are a ton of craft selections readily available in Costa Rica. As a gentle reminder, whether you are drinking craft or a more common offering, always drink local!

Cheers! (Or should I say, Pura Vida!)

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