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Not every individual that loves adventure travel has the means to plan an amazing trip every year, nonetheless every quarter. Each passing year, some people only add to their travel bucket list. That reality was the guiding light to our developing a referral program that is unique in the travel and tourism industry.

Many companies crave a loyal customer base, and depend on quality service and product to lead the way. But, consumer and company loyalty need to go hand in hand. By establishing this referral program, we are showing our loyalty to you by rewarding your loyalty to us. Even if you’ve never travelled with us before, you will begin to be able to start sharpening your bucket list pencil!

When you refer a friend or family member that ends up traveling with us, you will receive a $250 credit into your account that will remain there until you are finally prepared to travel, thus lowering your cost. Refer enough, and your first (or tenth) trip with us can very well be free!

Best part – other than knowing that you are putting your friends in caring and knowledgable hands, is that person you refer will always show up as your referral, and you will continue to earn credit towards a future trip no matter how many times they travel with us! So, if your referral goes on five trips with us, you will have $1250 credit to use towards your dream vacation! No matter what destination you choose, your credit will apply!


Escape Artist Referral ProgramReferral Program Rules

  • In order to earn your Referral Program dollars towards a future trip, the person you refer must book travel with The Escape Artist of at least five (5) consecutive nights.
  • Referral Program dollars will not be allocated until after the referred party completes their travel with The Escape Artist.
  • An email or phone call must supersede the client booking the trip informing that they are a referral.
  • There is no cash payout available, only cash credit towards future travel with The Escape Artist.
  • The Escape Artist may legally suspend or terminate the Referral Program at any time, without notice or notification. If suspension or termination occurs, those with referral program dollars will be given one year to use towards travel.
  • A customer can only be referred one time. Once the client is entered into the system, a code will be attached to the first person to refer the potential client.
  • Only warm transfers, emails or phone calls will be accepted as a referral. No mass lists will be accepted.
  • We will not cold call referrals. This Referral Program is designed for only those individuals that have a desire to travel.
  • Referral Program dollars are non-transferable.
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The Escape Artist Adventure Travel

The Escape Artist Adventure Travel