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From Mexico to the southern tip of Argentina and over to Africa, let the Escape Artist help you envision and plan the perfect trip to Central America, South America and Africa. We have completely flexible itineraries that are customizable to your budget, schedule and interests. Allow The Escape Artist the opportunity to create your personalized trip and experience of a lifetime!

Adventure Trips and Vacation Packages to Central America, South America and Africa with the Escape Artist

LearnTheDifference-buttonTraveling with The Escape Artist is the very best way to get up-close and personal with your planet in a way you’ll be challenged to manage on your own.  Choose one of our Central AmericaSouth America or Africa vacation packages, or call us and we will customize your dream vacation to match your goals and personality.  Either way, you’ll get life changing experiences that will revive the mind, body and soul! Best yet, you will be leaving a positive impression on each destination you visit!

We are travelers and are heavily experienced in the destinations that we offer. We continue to push ourselves to develop new adventure trips so that you get the very best out of your vacation.  For most of us it’s a struggle to find the time  to get away from the grind, so we make sure to pack your vacation with so much heart pounding and memorable experiences as possible. If you are only interested in sitting on the beach or by the pool, we can arrange that for you too. We just want you to experience the destination as a traveler.

The Escape Artist Focuses on the Traveler

We firmly believe that being a traveler is more rewarding than being a tourist. Being a traveler means meeting the local people, soaking in the culture and giving back to the community in the most sustainable and rewarding ways imaginable. Leaving your footprint on your travels is inevitable. But leaving a lasting impression on the destination and in your heart is our goal.

We also believe that your journey shouldn’t last a week, but rather a lifetime, therefore we strive to provide enriching experiences and adventure trips that will awaken your senses and open your mind. This is your journey, and it’s your world! Now is the time to write your odyssey!

Bucket List Trips

Most of us that are still fortunate enough to be on this earth have a bucket list of some sort and if you’re a traveler, it’s most likely robust.  The Escape Artist has the experience and knowledge to help you accomplish your travel and in many ways lifetime goals. Let’s turn your dream and vision into a reality!  

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Yoga & Wellness Retreats

Planning a successful yoga trip takes a lot more than just a laptop and a dream. It takes the experience of touching the properties, of fully understanding each of your travelers’ vacation goals and limits. It is about experience, and of course about having numerous contacts at every unique destination.

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Adventure Excursions

You have come to the right place if Adventure is what’s desired. We offer adventures for every type of individual and every type of activity. From heart pounding adrenaline to a relaxing sunset cruise and everything in between.  The thirst for adventure is what keeps us creating new invigorating experiences for you!

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The Escape Artist Adventure Travel

The Escape Artist Adventure Travel